Doxpop API


Welcome to Doxpop API! This is the place for programmatic access to court records.

Court Records

This web application programming interface (API) is for Doxpop's high volume customers who want to automate their access to the same court records that can be found at the Doxpop web site.

The Doxpop API is much like a web site with URLs for searching and requesting information. The difference is in the format of the data—the API uses a couple of structured formats that are easier for developers to work with, though not as nice for humans to read.

Bulk E-filing

Did you come here seeking an API for bulk court e-filing in Indiana? We've got that too! If you are an attorney, law firm, or in the business of providing services to attorneys, send us an email at or call 866-369-7671 to inquire, and we'll get you started.

Call for an Account

As with regular Doxpop subscriptions, you pay to search the API but not to access the details of cases you are interested in. Call toll-free at 866-369-7671 to learn more about how your company can get started with the Doxpop API.

Technical Documentation

If you are a developer, start with the technical documentation to learn how your programs can access the Doxpop API.

Need a Developer?

Interested in the API, but daunted by the technology? We can help. Doxpop maintains a list of developers who have completed a project using our API and have provided permission to pass their contact information along to people who need a developer. Email for the list.


Please send any bug reports, feature requests, questions, or comments to or call our toll-free number, 866-369-7671.